What Is Ear Wax For?

Why do we even have oily, sticky stuff coming out of our ears? Is there a point to gross ear wax?


Medical Videos – What Is Ear Wax For? #Medical #Videos

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15 thoughts on “What Is Ear Wax For?”

  1. You should clean your ears regularly, They tell you not to clean them, but then you have to go to the doc to have him stick something in your ear. Elbows in ears….Yeah right!

  2. yeah, but excessive ear wax can clog your ears and results in pain etc. Clean every now and then to avoid clogging with a tip only if the wax is close, going deep could damage your ear, ear drops to loosen wax. Keep your ears healthy mother fuckers.

  3. I love these videos. I just watched the booger one because I was curious and looked it up on google and this came up. You guys make it so easy to understand and… interesting.

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