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Watch this medical education video about example calculations in coherence with bases and improve your chemistry knowledge!

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Your lecturer is Dr. Adam Le Gresley. He is Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacy and Chemistry at Kingston University London. For the last six years he has been lecturing U/G and P/G courses within chemistry, pharmacy and biological sciences at the Faculty of Science at Kingston University. In addition to teaching, Le Gresley leads a small research group, funded by a number of industrial partners including GlaxoSmithKline. Moreover he regularly conduct peer-reviews for major academic journals and has contributed to the development of courses across the faculty. For these reasons he is an expert in chemistry.

The video “Bases: Calculation” is part of the lecture “Acid-Base Reactions” of the online medical course “Chemistry: Advanced”. It gives you an excellent insight on example calculation of bases.

You will get to know more about:

Example calculations:
Calculation of the pH
Calculation of the concentration of HCI
Calculation of Ka and pKa

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