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This medical education video gives you an excellent introduction to biochemistry.

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Your lecturer is Professor Kevin Ahern. He is currently teaching biochemistry and biophysics at the Oregon State University, where he has also successfully completed his Ph.D. in biochemistry. Beside writing poetry and songs about several topics including medical ones—believe it or not as well—he has written the popular ebooks “Biochemistry Free and Easy” and “Kevin and Indira’s Guide to Getting Into Medical School.” His edutaining videos on YouTube were watched over 2.75 million times making him a medical education YouTube star.

The video “Introduction to Biochemistry” is part of the lecture “Course Overview: Introduction to Biochemistry” of the online medical course “Biochemistry Basic”. It gives you an excellent insight into the molecular basis of life and a brief overview of the understanding of our living system on planet earth.

You will learn more about:
• Life on planet earth
– Diversity of life
– Spread of life
• The classification / taxanomy of the organisms
– Domain
– Kingdom
– Phylum
– Class
– Order
– Family
– Genus
– Species
• The relation between different organisms
– Bacteria
– Archaea
– Eukarya

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