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This video “Alcohol and Delirium” is part of the Lecturio course “Psychiatry” ► WATCH the complete course on

– Mechanism of action
– GABA receptors and the effects of alcohol
– Metabolism of alcohol
– People of Asian descent and alcohol
– Screening tests for alcohol use disorder
– CAGE questioner
– Alcohol intoxication
– Blood levels of alcohol and behavioral effects
– Treatment of alcohol related disorders

Dr. Farrell is a Harvard Medical School faculty member and board certified psychiatrist with a private practice in Boston. She has experience in patient care, teaching and in treating psychological disorders in various settings, including the Emergency Department, inpatient units and outpatient settings.

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Medical Videos – Alcohol and Delirium – Psychiatry | Lecturio #Medical #Videos

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Mom of Santa Fe teen shot by friend turns to WebMD, instead of hospital, for help. According to the official report, 24-year-old Pete Jesse Rodriguez, who lives in the same Santa Fe house, was pointing the gun at the 14-year-old as part of an ill-conceived game.
Rodriguez tracked the kid’s movements with the pistol before pulling the trigger and hitting him in the left thigh.
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Medical Videos – Rhonda Rowland for WebMD – Living With COPD #Medical #Videos

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