Exercise may protect you from glaucoma

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WebMD and Open mHealth partnership

WebMD’s Bill Pence (COO, CTO) talks about the problems in mHealth today as well as why WebMD wants to partner with Open mHealth to be part of the growing movement.


Medical Videos – WebMD and Open mHealth partnership #Medical #Videos

Inflammatory bowel diseases on the rise in very young Canadian children

Canada has amongst the highest rates of pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in the world, and the number of children under five years old being diagnosed increased by 7.

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Binge-eating disorder linked to other health conditions

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Ovarian Diseases: Benign Cysts – Pathology | Lecturio

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– Morphology of benign cysts

Carlo Raj has earned his MD at the Medical University of the Americas (MUA) and continued his medical career as professor of Pathophysiology at the University of Pikeville, Kentucky, and as an international lecturer and author—both assisting MD Edward Goljan and later on his own. Today he is also CEO of Indus Intellect, whose goal it is to spread medical knowledge across the globe.

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Medical Videos – Ovarian Diseases: Benign Cysts – Pathology | Lecturio #Medical #Videos

Rhonda Rowland for WebMD – Living With COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD. It’s a challenging lung disease to live with but with lifestyle changes people with COPD can have a good quality of life. WebMD asked me to do the research, identify the experts and people with COPD to interview, field produce and conduct interviews, write the script and do the voice-over. There are two more parts in the series which you can find on WebMD.com


Medical Videos – Rhonda Rowland for WebMD – Living With COPD #Medical #Videos

Web MD App Review

As featured on WDAM’s News 7 Sunrise, Kenneth McLaurin presents the WebMD App Review.


Medical Videos – Web MD App Review #Medical #Videos

WebMD Town Hall: Healthy Food for Kids

From the WebMD Archives: A 9-year-old girl wants to know what to eat to be healthy. WebMD experts talk about MyPlate and how to fill your plate with healthy foods.

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Medical Videos – WebMD Town Hall: Healthy Food for Kids #Medical #Videos