Food Additives 101

What’s really in your food? Not everything that’s added to your food is regulated by the FDA. Why not? Well, there’s a loophole. Some additives are privately tested and deemed “generally recognized as safe” outside of FDA review. For more, see our extensive report on food additives:


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4 thoughts on “Food Additives 101”

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  2. There's a great list on the "hidden sources" page of a site called "Truth in Labeling." I avoid these ingredients (which are in just about everything) and my anxiety went down I'd say 80%. I learned this from a guy on here with a video called "How I beat anxiety and insomnia – my story." His user name is rusty shackleford.

  3. I would suggest avoiding sulfur dioxide. It's added to some dried fruits as a preservative but has been known to cause allergic reactions. You may also notice an unpleasant aftertaste from it which lingers in the mouth.

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